About Us

I've been working with my hands for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, my father purchased from Sears and Roebuck a small portable tool set which contained a lathe, drill press, and table saw. I would make small wood candle holders on the lathe, drilling a hole in the end for the candle. Hours would go by - I was fascinated by this machinery and what I could do with it. As I got older, I couldn't resist taking apart our lawnmower, among other things!

What I've been told by my father is that my great, great, great grandfather Amzi Moyn had Denver's first Planing Mill in 1862. I feel blessed to be following in the footsteps of a pioneer.

I would always be by my dad's side to see what was going on, too often getting in his way. When it came to the kitchen, things were about the same. As the years went by, I became a sous chef at Luby's Restaurant in Cherry Creek, then a chef in the US Navy, and finally I worked for a restaurant chain in Northern California for 3 years.

Do It Right Handyman Services LLC
Our Mascot "Buster

My childhood dream of working with my hands didn't stop in all those years. After moving back home to Colorado, I worked at a meat processing plant - first as a butcher, and then as a mechanic repairing all the machinery in the plant. I also attended college where I studied Business Management and computers, and received a 2 year degree in Electronics. After college, I was offered a job in the Dental industry in 1980, and I worked for Patterson Dental Co. in Colorado and California. I felt that this would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about the business world, and at the same time learn about installing and repairing different types of equipment used in dental offices. Over the years with Patterson, my positions were in Equipment sales, Service Manager, Installation Coordinator, and finally Lead Service Technician. Once again, I moved back home to Colorado in early 2001, and was hired by Sullivan-Schein Dental Co. as an Equipment Service Technician.

I became interested in the handyman business in 1994 when a neighbor asked me to help him build some patio furniture and do some repairs around his house. I've been doing this type of work part-time ever since. I've also done many projects at my own house in Evergreen. In the middle of building the retaining wall, or adding the carport, neighbors driving by would come up the driveway and ask if I did this for a living, or if I would do something similar at their house. My reply was always "No" but this gave me the idea to start my own full time business, and call it DO IT RIGHT HANDYMAN SERVICES as I had done in California. So I started putting the business together and got my first jobs by word of mouth and referral. After many months of trying to juggle my full time and part time jobs, I finally reached the point where I had to choose only one. I retired from the Dental Industry in May 2003.

Serving the mountain area including Evergreen, Conifer, Genesee, Golden, Idaho Springs.

Below is a list of some recent projects:

  • Designed and built retaining walls - up to 75 feet long.
  • Removed and added walls to modify rooms, including drywall, electrical.
  • Installed water heaters.
  • Designed and built floor to ceiling custom book cases with dimmer control lights and glass shelves.
  • Remodeled bathrooms, including replacing sinks, faucets, toilets, flooring, & cabinets.
  • Designed and built picture frames, work benches, and a solid (Oak) train set, totaling 5 cars for my grandson.
  • Designed and built redwood/log outdoor benches.
  • Designed and built storage sheds.
  • Replaced cloth wire in kitchen, laundry room, and garage with new 20 amp circuits.
  • Designed and built custom decks.
  • Designed and installed closet organizers.
  • Installed ceiling fans; designed and built custom wood ceiling lights.
  • Replaced ceiling light fixtures.
  • Designed and built garage storage shelving.
  • Various small household repairs.
  • Designed and built custom wood bird houses.
  • Repaired/replaced exterior window frames and siding.