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Customer Testimonials

Thank you Jerry at Do It Right Handyman for getting my mother's home repair complete. The bathroom upgrades, replacing the damaged outside stairs, and repairing the cracked walls in the entryway has made it ready to rent. Thank you very much, I will call you again. I have other rentals.

Donna Rizzo

We had broken drains in our master bathroom and kitchen. You were able to fix them temporarily with duck tape, and the tape really held!! Then, when you returned several weeks later you replaced them with the new drains. Thank you again.

Sharon and Randy Brenulien

Dear Jerry,
We have known for many years of your ability to fix or build anything. Thank you for repairing our broken dining room chairs.

We love you,
Your Parents

Hi Jerry,
We met you in the hospital last Feb., and after a few days we felt you were like a son. We called you to see if you could hang some handles in our bathroom for Earle when he gets out of the bath.  They are working great;  we are glad we met. We'll tell our friends about you and your work.

Earle and Betty Thorne

I am glad I ran into you at the post office. My water heater was going out. When I called you to schedule a time to replace it, you came out the next weekend to replace it with a new one. Your work is neat and clean, and it looks great. You can put us on your list of referrals.

Thank you,
Jerry Moore

We  saw your parents at church and they recommended to us that you could help us with a list of items that we want done around the house. We loved your idea about replacing the dining room light fixture. The new one goes so well with our dining room furniture. Also, we love our new sinks in the bathrooms and the new kitchen faucet. Finally, thank you for repairing the broken water line in the ceiling. It was broken for over a year.

Hal & Joan Lynde

We know you through Sullivan Schein Dental, and we have been satisfied with what you have accomplished in our office. So we called you for some repairs at our home. We had a leak in the shower in our basement.  When you diagnosed the problem, you found a leak inside the wall, and not in the tile. Your recommendations were to replace the mixing valve and plumbing going to the shower head.   Then we called you back several months later to replace the door going into the garage with a new one. Sorry for rescheduling several times with you. We know we can count on you for everything. We will call again.

Thank you for everything.
Lori Sullivan

Jerry, Thank you so much for repairing my cracked chimney and the damaged wood framing around the windows on the back side of my home. I have thought about what you said, and it would be cost effective to replace the siding instead of repairing it..  Thank you for your help.

Shirley Burkhart

P.S, I need your help at the men's shelter downtown. We need some wood benches for the men and women to sit on. Can you help?    Also, I need some interior doors replaced, call me to schedule some time...      


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